Sunday, April 17, 2016

I am sitting here as I do every Sunday Morning. 

We have our list of preferred TV Pastors that we listen to. 

Dad has been gotten out of his hospital bed, medication given, breakfast prepared and now he is watching (reading the closed caption) as we watch together. This has been our routine since late January when Dad Wells came home from the hospital. This is our new normal routine now. Kent teaches Sunday School, therefore, he must be there and there is not enough time for me to get to "preaching" when he gets home. 
We can't leave Dad alone. 

So this is it. We watch about 5 sermons each Sunday Morning: Dr. Youseff, Dr. Jeremiah, John Hagee, James Merritt and Jack Graham...and then again tonight we watch one of Dad's favorites. It is a Bible College and I think he loves it because it brings back happy memories of his own Bible College days. It really is like a blast from the past. They all wear suits and ladies all wear dresses. Very much not the normal in today's churches, or in our church at least. My brother in law was visiting last week and said it reminded him of The Lawrence Welk Show from way back when. 

This picture was taken a few years back as he was headed out the door to church. 
That is his life. He has served God all his life practically. He is very humble. Yesterday, as we were discussing his funeral plans (we've done this for month's) and he said, "it should say I am a sinner, saved by grace somewhere on it". 
Always sharing the gospel.

Dad will be 94 years old this year. Not sure he will be here to celebrate on his birthday. He has Heart Failure. These past months have been very trying for him and us. But especially the past few weeks. He has been failing very obviously. He can't walk without any assistance, and that is with great effort and very limited, only consisting of about 3-4 steps....bed to recliner, recliner to wheelchair...etc. Shortness of breath, fluid retention. The usual symptoms.

The most amazing thing though. Every night when we get him to bed and tucked in, he then clasp both of our hands and prays fervently for us, family, his home-going. I hope I am as faithful in my last days. 

This is Dad Wells recently. He has always been so very active. Even at 92 he was jogging to our mailbox. He has performed  "floor exercises" since his youth. "Floor Exercises" consisted of crunches and sit-ups. Use to be 150 sit-ups 3 days each week. Finally, a Cardiologists told him that it was proven that after 60 at one sitting the others were useless. So he cut back to 60. 

Our days on earth with Dad Wells are coming to an end. I am not sure he will sill be with us by Summer. 

He hopes not. 
He is ready. 
He is tired. 
He wants to go on the Glory.

We are thankful that for the last 14 years that Dad and Mom have lived with us. Dad thought he would die first. But not so. Mom Wells was a delight and faithful servant. God has enriched our lives abundantly by allow us the privilege of caring for His saints. 

We will miss him so...such as we do Mom.

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