Sunday, April 17, 2016

I am sitting here as I do every Sunday Morning. 

We have our list of preferred TV Pastors that we listen to. 

Dad has been gotten out of his hospital bed, medication given, breakfast prepared and now he is watching (reading the closed caption) as we watch together. This has been our routine since late January when Dad Wells came home from the hospital. This is our new normal routine now. Kent teaches Sunday School, therefore, he must be there and there is not enough time for me to get to "preaching" when he gets home. 
We can't leave Dad alone. 

So this is it. We watch about 5 sermons each Sunday Morning: Dr. Youseff, Dr. Jeremiah, John Hagee, James Merritt and Jack Graham...and then again tonight we watch one of Dad's favorites. It is a Bible College and I think he loves it because it brings back happy memories of his own Bible College days. It really is like a blast from the past. They all wear suits and ladies all wear dresses. Very much not the normal in today's churches, or in our church at least. My brother in law was visiting last week and said it reminded him of The Lawrence Welk Show from way back when. 

This picture was taken a few years back as he was headed out the door to church. 
That is his life. He has served God all his life practically. He is very humble. Yesterday, as we were discussing his funeral plans (we've done this for month's) and he said, "it should say I am a sinner, saved by grace somewhere on it". 
Always sharing the gospel.

Dad will be 94 years old this year. Not sure he will be here to celebrate on his birthday. He has Heart Failure. These past months have been very trying for him and us. But especially the past few weeks. He has been failing very obviously. He can't walk without any assistance, and that is with great effort and very limited, only consisting of about 3-4 steps....bed to recliner, recliner to wheelchair...etc. Shortness of breath, fluid retention. The usual symptoms.

The most amazing thing though. Every night when we get him to bed and tucked in, he then clasp both of our hands and prays fervently for us, family, his home-going. I hope I am as faithful in my last days. 

This is Dad Wells recently. He has always been so very active. Even at 92 he was jogging to our mailbox. He has performed  "floor exercises" since his youth. "Floor Exercises" consisted of crunches and sit-ups. Use to be 150 sit-ups 3 days each week. Finally, a Cardiologists told him that it was proven that after 60 at one sitting the others were useless. So he cut back to 60. 

Our days on earth with Dad Wells are coming to an end. I am not sure he will sill be with us by Summer. 

He hopes not. 
He is ready. 
He is tired. 
He wants to go on the Glory.

We are thankful that for the last 14 years that Dad and Mom have lived with us. Dad thought he would die first. But not so. Mom Wells was a delight and faithful servant. God has enriched our lives abundantly by allow us the privilege of caring for His saints. 

We will miss him so...such as we do Mom.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Easy, restful feeling...NOT!

Mercy....I am feeling unrest.  Life is busy, and when it isn't then I feel tired and not motivated.  I am sure that means something psychologically....but I think about things I would do if I had time, however when I do have time I don't do them! I think apostle Paul mentioned that in his writings. So maybe I am not the first!

Since January, I have had a goal to purge a load each week to the local Thrift Store.  January was great. February...not so much. 

I was sick in the bed from Friday thru to Sunday for the first weekend.  The second weekend we went out of town to visit our daughter's family from Friday to Sunday and this weekend I had to work this morning until 12N and we have a church event tonight.  So I am unmotivated to get busy.  But I have got to.

I'm relaxing at the moment and also trying to vent to get myself going.  Lets see what happens.

I  do have some bags collected of my purging. I  wanted to have a car load each week. And did just that in January.

I  seem to do better with the timer method.  My daughter and I use to race against time to get chores done. It worked.  Maybe I should do so today.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Time keeps on slippin....into the future

Goodness...I promised I was going to start back blogging.  I need to put things down.  I know the benefit for me.  It helps me "sort" life.  But time has a way of "slippin" by before you know it.

Two weekends ago, my sisters and I returned to the beach where we took our sweet departed mother just 4 week before she died, four years ago.
My sisters and I have been making an annual event of a week at Hilton Head Island for the last few years.  A glorious week of laughter, eating, thrifting and sleelping ....if we choose.  Great tiime to reconnect.  My sisters live 4 and 5 hours away from me.  I seldom get to see them together.  This year, I caused the change up in location.  Last fall I decided to change jobs and haven't acrued the amount of vacation I want.  I'm a little guarded about those days because my children/grandchildren all live out of state and I go there fairly frequently. anyway, off to Topsail Island, NC we went.  I have a dear friend who owns this precious cottage.  I rent it every year for a week and then a couple of weekends thrown in as well.  So the Sister's 3 ended up there.

We walked and shopped and talked and talked some more.   It was great.  My oldest sis in not a "dog" person  due to severe breathing allergies, but since my doggie is hypoallergenic, she went along for the weekend.  I even caught Sis feeding her ice cream!  It was a great weekend.  We talked about Mother. How it was when we were there with her that weekend 4 years ago.  We talked about how she was when she took her last was us, Sister's 3 with her that night as well, just a month the wee hours of that morning.  A memory forever etched in our minds.  Miss you Mother, we went to the beach...and your were there too.... <3

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Where have I been?

I just stumbled across my blog today.  See, it has been a while...a long while and much has changed for me.  I find it hard to believe I have not written any post's in over a year. And, it has been a YEAR at that.  A year of new and old and happy and sad.

Today I have been busy merging machine embroidery files for a flash drive for my NEW Sophia Embroidery Machine!  I seldom use this laptop b/c it truly is slow and has had virus work in the past and that seemed to slow it down the last time I had it "fixed".  And, my hubby bought me an ipad two Christmases ago and that works nice ...and light.  So....with all of that said, I haven't spent much time on this lonely laptop and just saw the blog icon. So, here I am!

I have actually been thinking about blogging lately.  I do occasionally read blogs, usually from post on fb.  So, I can tell I am getting in the sharing mode again! And I am excited to catch up on the people I use to follow...and add new ones too!

I think I will begin a blog fest most favorite holiday...EASTER!  I have much I want to share...even if just for myself! I find it very therapeutic to write and rehash life for me.  Helps me to sort things out for myself and rethink some things.

See you tomorrow.....Sue Ellen.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Times flies....whether you are having fun or not!!!

OMG~ish!  I cannot believe it has been over a year since I added to my blog.  This is crazy!  I'd like to say that I have written faithfully and that somehow, there was a glich and I just now realized it....but, I can't!

Life has been in the fast lane the past year I must say.  I've worked way to much.  We completed a building project and moved to our new office location April 13th.  The project was huge and I was overseer of the construction/moving/ purchasing and it consumed me...literally!  80 hour work weeks were common for many months.  But, alas, we are in and loving it!!!  About 10,000 sq feet of bliss!  Our previous digs were in the basement of a hospital without windows, dampness and occassional swewer spill from unpstair patients restrooms.  Not good, no, not good at all!  We loved the proximity to the hospital, and miss them and being close to them, but we LOVE our new place!  Everything is NEW and CLEAN and FRESH!!!  Love-Love-Love it!  And morale is amazing as well!!!

Guess another big news items is that my Son & DIL and Grand~daughters moved from TN to SC!!!  Much closer!  Whereas it took 8 hours for TN it is now 5 1/2 hours drive now!!  WHOOP-WHOOP!!! In fact, we went for a vist over the weekend....just awesome...and they love it there.

Their house is just a block from the water.  We went crabbing one evening and seriosuly... it was just a few houses away from them...awesome!!!

Robb & Alyssa celebrated Birthdays on Sunday and Annie Grace will have one on the 17th!  It was such a fun weekend!

Another BIG news item is my daughter in due next week!!! 

We are so pumped to have little Ellie Katherine arriving soon!!! 

We are all so excited.  Her little nursery is complete and ready to welcome Miss Ellie. 

My daughter had 2 babies that did not have successful pregnancies, so in their memory, we painted little owls representing them, perched and watching over Ellie's crib....just precious!

She has asked me to be in the delivery room and I am sooooo excited!  Everyday when she calls me at an unexpected time, I think????" could this be it"!!! 

Too funny, I know!!! 
But this ZuZu is very thrilled!!!

Well, this is just a quick update...I'm quiet sure there will be many postings in the future!  Time did get away from is fast and furious. 

Have a fun day!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Battle Continues...

The WEIGHT Battle that is.....always a problem, always a work in progress, always 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.....sometimes, more back than forward!

I have "done" more diets in my lifetime than I can list.....and my body knows it.

This past Monday, I decided to "DO" a diet I have never done before. That was actually hard to find!  Through the years, I have done many diets that were expensive.  My criteria for this time was it must not be expensive, nor too unrealistic to follow.  Anyway, I decided to follow the Slim-Fast 1-2-3 plan.  I'm not big on missing "food" for a meal, but I need to show my body that I could control this huge desire to eat.
So, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a case of Slim-Fast.

Bought some apples & bananas for my snacks.

Gonna give it a try.

Also, found a really neat website....FREE.  I'm a "gadget" person and spend a great deal of time on the web, so it was fitting!  It will track your weight loss with calories, food journal, weights, with extra tools for BMI, BMR and others.  Also comes with a community chat room.  Very nice site for FREE!  Very similar to other sites I have been a paid member of.  Check it out.

So far....I have lost 4 lbs.  Was 5lbs yesterday, but ate fried fish at the beach last night and decrease in my walking, so even though I was within my calorie limit, believe the fried part cause some fluid retention.  I know better.It was my only meal yesterday, but should have chosen the the broiled fish. The lessons continue...

Created by MyFitnessPal - Free Calorie Counter
So, I probably need to set some mini-goals.  The first thing I needed to do was see if I was going to stick to this plan or not.  So far, I am impressed with myself!  As much as I like to eat, didn't know if I could do it one time a day for a meal. Of course, the apples and bananas help tremendously.

Next on the list is to start...TODAY...the 30 day shred video from Jillian Michael's.  That I am dreading!  She is a BEAST!  I enjoy watching The Biggest Loser...but she scares me!  Seriously!  But, according to all the friends on my new-found website....this is an awesome video for results!  Just hope I can walk tomorrow!

OK....just wanted to state all of this publicly so maybe I will be accountable!!!

Beach Week is 5 weeks from today......think I'll put in the video for a preview first......gotta psych myself u for this!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting older isn't for sissies!

One thing I have noticed since I passed 50 a few years that aging is not fun!  It is just amazing to me how things do go "down hill"...or so it seems.  I guess the first thing I noticed was my stamina decreased dramatically.  I am very active....very!  I walk fast, multitask like crazy, over extend my commitments.  But all of a sudden, it is like someone turns off the switch...and I can't continue anymore until I rest.  How odd!

Two years ago, in the winter, I noticed that I had developed allergies.  Never had them in my life.   The upper respiratory kind...watery, itchy eyes, sneezing fits...You know the kind!  And for it to happen in the winter of all times... Go figure!

Then last month, while having a major bout with sigmoid diverticulitis...(oh, by the way, that is another past 50 thing!), I was suddenly allergic to the antibiotic they put me on.  I've taken this antibiotic for years.  Strange!  But about 2 weeks prior to that, and continues now, so for about 8 weeks now, I have a rash!  Basically all over my body!  Especially in my midriff, and arms.  But also legs and back.  Fine, little red bumps.  I have bought a plethora of lotions, soaps and any other treatment items I can think of or read about!  I have toyed with this idea even before the Diverticulitis episode, wondering if it is a gluten allergy.

My f-i-l has Celiac disease and gluten breaks him out bad.  A severe itchy rash....just like mine.  But his is usually contained to his arms...which is typical.  However, I have done tons of research and it can be anywhere, chronic, severely itching,....rash.  There is testing that can be done but usually by a specialist...not even the dermatologist is recommended.  But, a quicker answer is to do an elimination diet.  I'm not so much into depriving myself of things I want!  So I haven't crossed that line yet.  But I'm just about miserable.  I got up and took and oatmeal bath at 1:00am this morning b/c of the itching rash!  As I type....the itching is constant.  I have already used to anti-itch cream this morning.  So I am seriously considering starting this diet today!  But I do LOVE bread!  Yes, I make gluten free bread for my father-in-law but he says it is tasteless.  But I may have to resort to this. 

I have put off this whole diet thing because I have several upcoming business trips.  In fact, during the next 2 months, I will be away from home for 14 days!  That means I will not be totally in control of my menu selections.  So I was blaming that on my reasons for putting off this diet challenge...but I am miserable right now!  So, I may give it a shot!  We will see....